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Garden Deities - Statues looking good protecting your garden

garden green man

Green man garden wall statues

Our green men statues are often known as tree spirits. They have represented Mother Nature for as long as man has been carving wood or stone. Found through out Northern Europe but especially in the UK, they have merged folklore and mythology and remain to this day important architectural features representing days gone by. They are a natural addition to any garden.

Grotesques, Misericords and Gargoyles

It is with good fortune that there is an abundance of churches and other buildings that preserve the pagan images of the past. Every where you look on the ceilings and walls of those cathederals in the UK, Ireland and beyond are to found a multitude of images carved for a variety of reasons. Some, similar to the tongue in cheek design found to the right inspire us to reproduce the humour often hidden from view in these magnificent buildings. Carved a long time ago but here today to remind us of what was once before...

Grotesque gargoyle designs
Japanese garden buddha statue - Ojizo-san


We have a variety of different buddha statuary for you to buy online. Featured in the photo to the left is a Japanese Buddha known in Japan as an Ojizo-san. This is often refered to as a earth guardian as it looks out and protects all those using the land around it . In Japan it is commonly found by the roadside protecting all those that pass. It adds peace and tranquility to your garden.

Ganesha Statues

The story of Lord Ganesha has many parables involving luck, sadness and fortune. but the over riding aspect is that it is said, respect for ganesh brings good fortune to your life.Our reproduction statuary is cast in a weatherproof stone finish from original wood carvings. The statues weather naturally on your garden wall and we trust, will bring a little good fortune to your garden.

Ganesh wall statues for gardens


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