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Our faces are all inspired by Franz Xavier Messerschmidt , an German / Austrian sculptor who, whilst resident in an asylum during the latter part of his creative life used his talents to sculpt over 40 different busts. Each one depicting one of the many emotions he was experiencing. We have chosen a selection of these magnificent busts and reproduced them here availible for you to add a unique piece of art for your house or garden wall..
W35 Goon
goon wall sculpture
W40 Consto consto sculpture wall decor W41 Yawn
yawn garden wall  sculpture
W42 Puke
puke wall sculpture
W88 Twisted twisted garden sculpture
W82 Kiss
kiss wall decor
W69 Grumpy
grumpy wall decor
W70 Grinner
Grinner, sculpture for the  home
W83 Small Goon small goon for home decor
W84 Small Consto small consto wall decor W85 Small Yawn small yawn for garden sculpture W86 Small Puke small puke for home decor
W67 Tongue
tongue wall sculpture

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