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All our Celtic, Gothic and Decorative Wall Mirrors have been handcrafted in our Devon Workshop

M29 Tall Gothic
tall gothic mirror
M30 Gothic Panel
gothic_panel mirror
M33 Gothic Mirror
gothic church window mirror
BR05 Gothic Burner
gothic burner mirror
M27 Micro Double Gothic
micro double gothic wall mirror
M03 Small Gothic Sconce Mirror
small gothic mirror sconce
M26 Small Gothic Mirror
small gothic mirror
M25 Moose Mirror
moose mirror
BR02 Moose Lamp Holder
moose lamp holder mirror
BR04 Icarus Lamp Holder
icarus lam holder mirror
M01 Monkey Mirror
monkey mirror
M14 Small Sconce
small sconce mirror
M15 Tree Mirror
decorative tree mirror
M16 Dragon Mirror
dragon art mirror
M06 Round Lovers
M18 Small Round Lovers
M34 Celtic Mirror
celtic wall  mirror
M35 Vidi Roman Mirror
vidi roman mirror
M36 Celtic Leaf Mirror
celtic leaf mirror
M07 Square Lovers
square_lovers mirror

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